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Carpet vs. Dog Butt

We recently (October) moved from a home with mostly hard flooring to a home with all carpet. Our 6-year-old lab mix, Joe, has more recently (the past few weeks) been scooting his bum across said carpet and leaving poo streaks that I end up Bissell-ing clean. He got to the point that it was happening once a day, so I took him to the vet and had his anal glands cleaned, and the vet applied a salve that he uses on dogs with, as he called, a chronic problem. For five days I enjoyed a poo-free carpet until today, when I caught him right as he was finishing his scoot.
The vet said the cleaning and salve combined should last 3-6 months. It cost $160 because we had to sedate Joe. He's an anxious pup and very protective of himself (to the point that he only gets a nail trim about once a year, when he's been sedated for something). Anyway, back on track.

Is there anything I can do to prevent him from doing this? We reprimand him when/if we catch him in the act or just finishing, but I guess the itch just needs to be scratched.

Some things to point out, aside from lots of carpet being around:
- We changed his food about a month and a half ago from the Nutro's "over 50 lb adult" to just regular adult food.
- Our cat had worms (tapeworms, I believe) and was treated for it also about a month and a half ago. The vet said that the dog wouldn't be able to get it unless he'd eaten an infected parasite. The cat had fleas as a kitten, and the vet said that the worm was most likely from that. Neither of my animals have had fleas since we've had them.

If anyone has any experience with this and ways to fix it, I'd be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: We can't remove the carpet.
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