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Cat Pee Question

Hi everyone,

Hope I can get some cat feedback, it seems its been a while since anyone posted here.

Background: Matilda is my too-cute-for-her-own-good companion cat. She is about three years old, adopted at six months, a rescue, a smallish/runtish (gimpy leg, ears too big, etc) indoor tuxedo short hair female. She is a little high maitenance in that she LOVES to snuggle and sit on your lap, sleep on the couch with you, and get you to play with her favorite string and her. We moved in with my boyfriend into a house (from tiny apartments) with stairs and lots of windows and places to climb, so she's been quite happy these past six months. He and her have a great relationship too.

Problem: About three weeks ago we went out of town for two nights. We left her plenty of water, food (she's just fine at regulating her eating), a super clean litter box and the cable box on (joke, sort of ...). Well, miss thing wasn't so happy with her lack of string game, so she peed on our bed. We understood, washed everything, moved on. We came home the next night from work and she had done it again. Washed things again, decided to keep the bedroom door shut and that seems to have solved the bed peeing problem ... Until yesterday. We were out for the day for the holiday and came home to a wet bed. Now, the mattress has been thoroughly cleaned, does not smell at all, no stains, everything is cleaner than its ever been - it cannot be mistaken for a second litter box. So, what's the deal?

Other info: Like I said, she's a little high maintenance, so I am thinking this is just her letting us know that. She hasn't peed anywhere else. Her diet is the same, she is drinking the same amount of water as usual, she isn't itching, weezing, or doing anything else out of the ordinary. Her litter box was moved to the basement about a month ago, but she has been using it just fine.

So, thoughts? Feedback? Anything I should know/do before heading over to the vet?

Many many thanks in advance!

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