let the learning continue! (shellazure) wrote in naturalpets,
let the learning continue!

Litter problems

My cat is just over 2 years old. I've had her on clay litter since she was a kitten (Arm & Hammer Multi-cat, mostly) and in the past month have been slowly replacing what I take out when cleaning the box with Swheat Scoop. She has been litter box trained since the beginning, and the only time she's gone outside the litter box was when I didn't clean it for several days (and even then she goes on the mat right in front of it) or when she had a little kitty UTI (then she would go wherever she happened to be).

I probably have a half-and-half mix of Arm & Hammer and Swheat Scoop at this point. But in the past 10 days or so she's started pooping next to the litter box. I would immediately say that she just doesn't like the new litter, but she's also pooping IN the litter box. All her peeing is done in the box, and half the time she poops in there, too. It's not a need to clean it, because I've been cleaning it every other day since she started doing this (originally I thought it was dirty).

Anyone have any experience with this? She's driving me insane and I REALLY don't want to go back to clay litter. I could try new litters, but I'll need to mix it with clay again to slowly get her used to the change. I made the change in the first place because after she did her business I couldn't let her in the same room as me because the clay smell was all over her. I'd have to wait until she'd cleaned off some before she could jump in my lap. That and I got sick of breathing in clay particles whenever I changed her litter (and I don't think it's healthy for her to be breathing it in). Honestly I don't know if the Swheat Scoop will work out either, because I've noticed a lot of dust when I clean her litter box.

Thanks in advance.
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