Aggression / territorial issues

Hi there, does anyone know of a good homeopathic remedy for 3 cats who 2 months ago moved in together in a new apartment and are acting aggressively and territorial? My boyfriend and I moved in together to a new apartment and his 2 cats had already met my cat beforehand. The problems we're currently facing include improper elimination outside the litterbox even when it's clean, and chasing, attacking, scratching, hissing and growling.

Since I trust my from my teachings on homeopathy that it is very safe to administer to pets (much safer than herbs as it is non-toxic) and can be very effective, I am thinking of using diluted homeopathic doses of Nux Vomica, Belladonna and/or Natrumn muriaticum. Also considering the Bach Flower remedy Holly in case of jealousy.

I am already using Rescue Remedy and a cat pheromone mimicking plug-in.

Friendly advice and suggestions welcome!

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Surprise in the recycle bin this morning-newbie question

Hi there,

I"m a newbie and i have a question about our 11-month kitty, Willow.

We bought her a pricey cat tower last night and she played on it a bit but now wants nothing to do with it.   Later this morning I discovered she had pee'd and pooped in the recycle bin in the kitchen.  Her cat box isnt dirty and is completely accessible to her at all times. 

Could this be a sign that she really HATES the new tower?  I think we're going to take it back because its wasnt cheap and if she wont use it then I dont want it but I am curious about the recycle bin incident.

Any thoughts?


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aromatherapy to calm my mother's dog?

My mother was asking me the other day if there might be some kind of scent that will calm her dog down, but I don't know, so I turn to you knowledgeable folks.
Her dog struggles and fights a lot when my mother tries to cut his fur, especially the fur on his face. She hasn't been able to cut the fur on his face for months, not for lack of trying. (He has a sort of Jamie Hyneman like moustache now, the fur is so long). A couple of times, both me and my brother were holding him down while my mother tried to cut the fur, but he still managed to struggle and get away from us. (He's freakishly strong for a poodle). She asked the vet once, and he said to try gravol, but it didn't do anything at all. He struggles, tries to bite the scissors, climbs up on my mother's shoulders - anything to get away from having the fur cut. So, is there anything, like an essential oil or something that will calm him down enough so my mother can cut his fur?

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Sup Chip?

Dogs and baby birds

In the past 24 hours, my dog has caught and killed 2 baby birds (that I know of).  The most recent bird was caught while I was outside with him, and I didn't notice or hear ANYTHING!  I hung clothes on the line, and walked around the corner to go in...called the dogs...and one comes back FROM WHERE I HAD JUST BEEN with a dead baby bird in his mouth!!!  I order him to drop it, which he immediately does, and I go to check on the other dog, which is trying in vain to catch a bird that has just hopped to the other side of the chain link fence.  There are at least 2 baby birds left - that only hopped away.  The birds look to be almost ready for flight, but I don't think they're really flying yet, since they only hopped away from the dogs trying to eat them.

While I realize that this is fairly natural behavior for the dogs, I am wondering if there is any way to prevent it.  I went outside with them this past time - and they were SO sly about catching those birds, I was only like 6 feet away from them, and didn't notice anything.  I'm not sure I'd be able to see them in order to stop them in time, even if I was actively watching.

I can't find the nest that these birds came from - when I went searching today, I only saw what I assume was the very upset mama bird.  I always thought that birds stayed in the nest until they could actually fly - so maybe these fell out early or something?

Any thoughts on how I can keep my dogs away from these birds until they're ready for flight?  My roommate suggested moving the nest, but #1 I can't find one, and #2 I have always heard that once humans touch the nest, mama birds won't go back to it.

Ideas?  I mean, other than not allowing my dogs in the back yard?  

And if I was to ban the dogs from the back yard, what kind of a time frame are we talking before the birds reach the flying stage?

Cat wash

My kitty had a HUGE bump on the back of her neck. After it started to get bigger, I assumed it was an infection though I never saw a cut or anything on her. We we scheduled to take her to the vet tomorrow, since she wasn't acting weird, seemed to have a fever, or anything else indicating immediate attention. She is an outdoor/indoor cat, so sometimes she does come home with a few scratches and such.

Last night the "bump" busted. I won't go into details, but it was highly disgusting. She is STILL leaking a foul smelling puss from the wound. My husband and I wiped most of it off last night with a warm, wet washcloth. Is there a soap mix I could use to give her a bath tonight? We have baby mild Dr. Bronner's, I'm not sure if that's safe for washing pets, and could add some herbs or oils. She smells terrible and our other cat is licking it.. ughhh. TIA!

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Recently my sister moved back home, and brought her cats with her. Two of her own, two of her boyfriend, and two of mine are all currently living in the same house, and they are NOT happy about it.

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We have two Feliway diffusers around the house but they're expensive and I'd rather deal with this naturally. Are there any herbs or oils that I can use around the house to calm my kitties down?

Cat Constipation?


I have a situation I was hoping someone could help me out with:

The background information. I have two cats, 8 and 9 years old. They are both on the barf diet. I am on the middle of a huge move, so there has not been time to prepare their food with the grinder, so i have been buying them ground beef from the local butcher. Starting yesterday, one of them started scooting across the floor, dragging her bum. I noticed that she was having trouble in the litter box yesterday as well. She was straining to produce tiny, very dark, globs of watery feces. Today the other one started with the exact same problem.

My questions:

Does this mean that they are constipated?

What is a natural remedy to this situation?

Is feeding them ground beef for extended periods of time harmful?

thanks ever so much.
opal look


can you guys please list for me all of the things you do to control fleas? i live in florida and the fleas are horrible already. i have a 9 year old jack russell terrier. i am already using advantix, heartworm prevention (i cant remember the name of it- it is also supposed to also sterilize the fleas?) borax in the carpet, a natural flea replellant spray and washing her every other day with a gentle shampoo made of cirtus oils and lavender. im vacuuming and washing the bedding every other day. what else can i do??

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I have an 11 month old boxer mix that I just adopted from the shelter today. We have a vet appointment tomorrow morning, but in the meantime the poor girl is snorting and snuffling her way through what I suspect is an upper respiratory infection of some kind. Is there anything I can do to help her between now and 10:30am with the stuffy/drippy nose and mildly weepy eyes? She looks so sad. :(

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