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The Natural Pet Community
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Welcome to The Natural Pet Community!

This community is based on the basic principle that our pets thrive when living a lifestyle similar to that of their wild relatives. This means consuming a natural diet consisting of mainly raw foods and fresh (or filtered) water, getting a daily balance of exercise and rest, and receiving love & attention from family (or pack-mates).

We also believe that proper pet health starts with (yep, you guessed it!) a healthy animal. We take a holistic approach to pet medicine. To alleviate the symptoms, we realize that first we must identify the problem. Our animals are usually treated with a combination of herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy, diet & rest, and exercise.

And finally, we're a community dedicated to all animals, not just the special ones who have adopted us. We understand modern society's problem with an overabundance of unwanted and abandoned animals. We firmly believe in spaying and neutering.

All that said, this community isn't just for dog and cat lovers! So pull up a chair and introduce us to Lewis the turtle, Jacob the bunny, and Polly the parrot! If you love animals, all animals, and want to care for them in the best, most natural way you can, this community is for you! :)

The Three Semi-Rules

Keep posts on topic with Natural Pet Care as best as possible. Community promotions are allowed as long as they are on topic. If not on topic, they will be deleted. Not sure if your community is on the same line as naturalpets? Ask me! :)

2. No drama. If you feel that someone is taking improper care of their pet, kindly let them know. But just because you feel that Sparky shouldn't get a rabies vaccine, doesn't mean his owner will agree.

3. ABSOLUTLEY NO BUYING OR SELLING OF ANIMALS WILL OCCUR IN THIS COMMUNITY!!! I can't stress how important this rule is. You get one warning, and then you're banned. That said, I do understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances come up, and Foo-Foo won't be able to move to Montana with you. You can try to find her a good home, but use your best judgement and do what's best for Foo-Foo.

I usually skip by Intro posts on my friend's page in other communities, but if you'd like to post an Intro post something like this:

Country or state:
Types of Pets:
Why you feel natural pet care is important:
Picture(s) of pets (behind lj-cut):

...feel free! We'd love to hear about your critters, and definitley wouldn't mind seeing them either! :)

This community is moderated by me, eiretamicha. All questions or concerns should be sent over in my direction.

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